Austin Transportation Issued the Overall Mobility Plan on Jan. 2nd, and we've extracted the portion related to the Rainey District.  The plan shows a variety of options that may be implemented to improve mobility.  Below is a link to download the .pdf document.  

At Least 12 Mobility Upgrades Planned for the Rainey Street District as reported by in July 2019

As far as we can tell, the “comprehensive mobility study” of the Rainey Street area recommended by Austin’s Design Commission back in May hasn’t wrapped up yet, but that apparently doesn’t mean the city doesn’t already have some plans of its own for fixing up the area’s patchy sidewalks and other mobility infrastructure. This is great news for the neighborhood’s residents, along with the downtown Austin condo and apartment-dwellers who venture to the district on foot for drinking-related shenanigans — well, it’s really good for everybody, but it’s nice to have priorities.

Documents related to the construction of two large projects in this area — the Quincy apartment and office tower by Endeavor Real Estate Group at 93 Red River Street, and the 44 East condo tower by Intracorp located on the other end of the district at, you guessed it, 44 East Avenue — describe a schedule of fees each developer must pay for mobility improvements to offset the additional traffic load of the new buildings:

What’s nice about these documents is that they name each individual improvement along with the amount the developers need to contribute to each one, which is really helpful because it allows us to slap all the improvements down on a single map and look at them together. We’ve also added two extra improvement items, one part of the upcoming Rainey Street Substation project at 55 East Avenue, and the other related to the mysterious WeWork tower planned at the southwest corner of Red River and Cesar Chavez Streets.

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