609 Davis St. - Clive Bar 

In 2009 Bridget Dunlap opened a bar, Luster Pearl, on the location where the Camden now stands. Her vision caught on quickly and the Rainey Street entertainment district was born.  


She later opened the Clive Bar, a gabled Craftsman home, and is now working on plans to expand it. 


The entrance will be placed on Rainey Street instead of Davis Street. The two-story structure at the back of the property will have a mezzanine and balcony.   Some who have seen the plans have referred to it as “a Bar-On-Stilts”. 


At present, plans are being revised with emphasis on the roof lines of the Clive and the new structure forming a more logical relationship.  At present the bar has a capacity of 265 people. With the new building the capacity would almost double to 461 people.

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